Membership Will Reopen September 25, 2019

“Nicole, I don’t know what to post.  How do I come up with new content ideas again and again?”

Many of the women in our beauty community have asked me this very question, so I created a content solution just for you!   I want to extend a very special invitation for you to get an Early Access Pass to my new monthly membership, Beauty Content Pro!

✔️  Beauty Content Pro is the first and only monthly content membership especially for beauty professionals, beautypreneurs, and influencers.

✔️ Every month you will receive done-for-you content, images, social media captions, AND digital marketing support to help you grow your beauty business!

✔️  Beauty Content Pro is your turnkey solution for beauty content delivered right to your inbox.  Everything is mapped out for you! This is the most convenient solution you’ll find to finally create content consistently— without feeling overwhelmed by what to post. 

✔️  I’m often asked, “Nicole, do you manage social media for small businesses?” My company does provide these services, however, a five-figure agency retainer is not in the budget when you’re just starting out.  Beauty Content Pro is my way of providing our community with the EXACT content marketing strategies I have mastered over the past 10 years in the beauty industry.

Here’s what you get each month:

✔️ A Content Calendar with a 30-day layout of the month and post prompts so you can simply fill-in-the-blanks. You can fill out your calendar digitally or print it out to make a hard copy planner.

✔️ A Content Map with all the beauty news, seasonal trends, beauty events, “Hallmark holidays,” and trending topics already researched for you.

✔️ A live “Map My Month Masterclass” with step-by-step tutorials each month PLUS access to Nicole to brainstorm content ideas and get your questions answered.

✔️ 15 caption templates that you can easily copy and paste into your Content Calendar.

✔️ 15 beauty stock photos specific to each month that you can use for Instagram, IG Stories, Facebook, your brand flyers… or wherever you want! The images will be a mix of neutrals and bright colors so you can match them to your own branding.

✔️ Plus…you will receive ALL additional bonuses that are added in our Beauty Content Pro private member group!

We support all beauty business owners


Hairstylists.   Makeup artists.   Spa owners.   Beauty influencers.   Beauty entrepreneurs.   Nail techs.   Lash & brow artists.   Waxing studios.   Estheticians.   Med spa professionals.   Massage therapists.   Wig designers.   Hair extensions sellers.   Beauty business consultants.

Beauty Content Pro is a community JUST for you!

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Here are the common roadblocks that Beauty Content Pro will help you overcome:

Be More Consistent

Right now, you’re not consistent and your grid is all over the place. In Beauty Content Pro, you will receive content that’s already planned out for you. You’ll simply open your monthly bundle and create cohesive images, write captions in a flash, and feel relief that you finally have a content plan that WORKS. I create each content bundle with the exact planning process and insider strategies I learned while working full-time as a beauty editor … and writing up to 14 beauty articles every week!

Increase Engagement

I’ll give you monthly caption templates & prompts to help you get more engagement and improve your chances of showing up in your followers’ timelines. (Last month, I received an average of 89 comments on EACH of my Instagram posts per month. #Facts!)  You CAN beat the algorithm to increase your engagement. The algorithm factors in when you post about beauty-specific topics, especially when it comes to your hashtags.  Your monthly content bundle takes all of this into consideration!

Get Rid of Frustration

“I don’t know what to post.” I know you’ve said this to yourself while staring at your Instagram app and drawing a total blank. Frustration and fear are the top barriers my clients share with me. When you join Beauty Content Pro, you’ll NEVER feel stumped on content again! Plus, this is the lowest price I’m offering just for Founding Members to help you get un-stuck on your content goals!  This is the complete content solution to help you grow your beauty business— month after month!

Ready to sign up? Let’s DO this!


Sign up for Beauty Content Pro on our website!  Your first Content Bundle will be delivered on the 20th of every month. (For example, on May 20th you will receive all your June content.)


You get immediate access to the Beauty Content Pro membership portal. Check your email for your password. Be sure to join our private Facebook group where your Map My Month Masterclasses will be streamed LIVE each month!


Download your Content Bundle each month which includes a calendar, caption templates, photos, and engagement prompts already done for you!  You can easily fill in the blanks so the posts speak directly to your audience.


Start posting consistently and with ease! You’ll have post ideas covering the latest beauty news, seasonal trends, beauty events, “Hallmark holidays,” and trending topics. Beauty content… ✔️DONE!

I'm ready for Beauty Content Pro!

Memberships are month-to-month. You can cancel anytime.

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Membership Will Reopen September 25, 2019

I’ve had the unique experience of learning the beauty industry through various roles over the past ten years:

— I’ve sold beauty products as a retail beauty advisor
— I’ve written and filmed TONS of content as a beauty editor
— I’ve created content as a social media consultant for beauty brands
— I’ve hired beauty bloggers as an influencer manager
— I’ve worked with brands as a beauty influencer myself!

To say I truly KNOW and LOVE beauty content is an understatement!

I started my career in beauty in 2008 working as a beauty advisor at Origins! It was my part-time job while I worked my 9-to-5 as a corporate retail buyer. I started creating beauty content on the web in 2011 when I was in grad school for a master’s degree in digital media. At the time, I was working at Attention PR, a digital media agency, and coordinating social media for beauty brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Aveda, Bliss, and Proactiv. Later that year, I became the online beauty editor at ESSENCE.com and spent my days (and many nights!) producing digital content and connecting with readers on the web. I was honored to also earn recognition at the 2013 Min Integrated Marketing Awards for Best App Integration and Most Creative Uses of Technology!

After three amazing years at ESSENCE.com, I launched Melton Digital and later Beauty Content Studio to help beauty companies and influencers create content and tell stories that bring their brands to life! Instagram has been a HUGE part of my marketing strategy for both my personal brand and business. I look forward to helping you become a Beauty Content PRO! 😘


I'm ready for Beauty Content Pro!

Memberships are month-to-month. You can cancel anytime.

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Membership Will Reopen September 25, 2019

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